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Congratulations, You're inside The Deal. So what is the deal, and what is happening now, on the inside. You will get Gifts, Tips on Internet Marketing and Resources for marketing tools and software. You see, right now there is  no memberships being offered yet, because, The deal is in Beta. But we will keep in touch with you, through Facebook notifications, letting you know when we have added more free goodies, and also you will notified of our Pre-Launch and of our official launch when it happens.

The Deal is going to be your go to place for all the cutting edge Internet Marketing ideas, tools, software, traffic, tips and resources. The Deal is going to be fun and profitable for you. Be sure and get your Free Beta Gift, before you leave. Remember, Life is suppose to be fun.  Oh, by the way, if you want one of these video avatars, just let us know on Facebook and we will help you get one for yourself. You will Win in "The Deal"

Beta Gifts

As we continue to build in Beta, we will be adding Free Gifts here. So Keep Coming back to see what we have added for YOU!

Peace of Mind - Beta Gift 1

Every Internet Marketer needs to be Excited, Enthusiastic, and take Massive Action. As successful people everywhere say, "It Is All In Your Mind". You need to be as "Stress Free" as possible, that you get on the Inside of You. We are giving you a Free Guided, Hypnotic Meditation for our other site, Ultimate Life University.

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Free Peace of Mind

Wordpress Made Easy Video Course - Beta Gift 2

30 Videos to take you by the hand, so you can become and Expert in Wordpress. Step by Step Mastery of Wordpress.

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Coming Soon - Beta Gift 3

A New Beta Gift will be added very soon, and you will Notified when it arrives on Facebook Notifications. Or keep check back here to see what is New.

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The Deal Offers

Winning in Everything...

Consulting for Do-It-Yourselfers or we do the work for you by the hour.

Facebook Page Creation

Fan Page Creation Offer - $500.00 ... Maximum 5 Hours Time on Fan Page Creation.  I have Created...

Facebook Ad Campaigns

We consult with people on the phone (do-it-yourselfers), tell them what they need to, tools they need, what not to do, how spend their budgets. etc. Or We can setup and manage their campaigns for them.

Free Stuff

The Deal has Awsome Free Stuff once you become a Member.

Some really Great Tools, Education; Videos & Audios, PDF's and more then we can share here. 

Bracken's Consulting

The Deal - Bracken's Consulting..... Paid Offers start at $250.00... More Info, Click Here...

Consultation to determine how I can best serve you. Meet at my home, in front of my computer. Or over the Phone, with both of us in front of a Computer! 
Topics of Your Choice: "Life","Business","Computers","Websites","Internet Marketing","Shopping Carts","Social Media Marketing","Social Advertizing","Traffic Creation","Making Your Life Great"

Animated - Avatar Sales Page Videos

Animated - Avatar Video Creation for your Sale Page or Website. $150.00 for 1 Video. Click Here...

THE DEAL - SPECIAL 3 Animated - Avatar Videos - Creation. $250.00 for 3 Videos. Saving $200.00 Limit Time Offer. Click Here...

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Early Bird Membership

$97.00 USD

$97.00 Join Today, Limited Spots Available... Life Time Membership... See after Launch Pricing Below... 

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Animated - Avatar Video Creation

$150.00 USD

$150.00 Per Video. Up to a 2 Minute Video.   Special DEAL, Right Now. 3 Animated - Avatar Vi...

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Feel Social Pro

$35.00 USD every month

$35.00 Per Month Early Bird Pricing... Be Sure and Review the Sales Page... Click Here. Increase in price after La...

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Recommended Courses


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Wordpress Made Easy

$97.00 USD

$97.00  The Ultimate Step By Step WordPress Video Course! “Discover How To Install And Fine Tune A WordP...

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Internet Marketing Tools

$197.00 USD

Free on the Inside... The Best that "The Deal" has researched and found.  More Added All the Time.  Free...

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